LiveBetter Telehealth services provide ongoing, remote vital signs monitoring for customers. Helping people actively manage their own health including proactive monitoring of specific health measures can promote people’s long term health and independence, as well as improving quality of life for people and their carers.


What is Telehealth Home Monitoring? 

Telehealth is a way of monitoring your vital signs, using easy-to-use technology that we install in your home. The information is securely transmitted to a monitoring centre where a Registered Nurse will assess your results and alert you and a Clinician if any of the readings are outside of the expected range.


What can Telehealth monitor? 

Our Registered Nurses are able to monitor and record:

  • Weight variation
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar readings
  • Oxygen levels
  • Heart rate
  • Temperature
  • Health surveys

And can provide a variety of educational tools to assist with ongoing self-care strategies.


What are the benefits of Telehealth? 

Your health can be monitored from your own home, promoting independence and safety in the home, by:

  • Providing early detection of health deterioration
  • Reducing unplanned hospitalisations
  • Improving self care
  • Providing access to health coaching and education

The equipment is also portable, so you can take it with you on holidays and still have access to your regular Nurse.


Is Telehealth right for me? 

If you are wondering if Telehealth is right for you, these questions may help you decide:

  • Think you may need to go into an aged care facility before you are ready?
  • Suffer from a chronic disease such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, Obesity or Heart Disease?
  • Require a carer or are you a carer?
  • Worry about an ageing loved one who lives independently?


How is it funded? 

Telehealth Home Monitoring can be funded through the below options:

  • Your Home Care Package
  • Your NDIS Plan (Core Supports)
  • Self-funded


To find out more:

Call a local Care Coordinator today on 1800 580 580.


56-Telehealth customer, Coralyear-old Coral was born in Walgett, New South Wales and has spent most of her life in opal mining town, Lightning Ridge.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension two years ago, Coral became frustrated with the inconsistency of health care professionals in her town. 

After discovering the Telehealth Home Monitoring service provided by LiveBetter, Coral says it’s allowed her to make better health decisions, giving her greater confidence with self-care. Telehealth allows Coral to track her blood pressure and crucial observations at home, helping her to monitor her diabetes and stay in control.

Telehealth customer, Shelley54-year-old Shelley is chronically ill and has been using LiveBetter’s Telehealth service for some time. She said it has given her more control over her own health and well-being.

“My life has definitely improved. Before I was crook, down and overweight. Now I am feeling better and have a more positive outlook.”

“I can now read my body better and pick up problems more easily without running off to the doctor all the time. I can ring the Telehealth Team and knowing they are there is a big relief.”

According to Shelley anyone who is worried about their health should give Telehealth a try. “Telehealth has helped me in so many ways. I know it is going to help so many other people as well.”

Telehealth customer, Louise55-year-old Louise from Bourke has always thought of herself as ‘bullet proof’, but when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 (while also suffering from diabetes and hypertension), Louise realised she needed to take control of her health.

Having used LiveBetter’s Telehealth Home Monitoring system for some time, Louise says it’s the best decision she’s ever made because she can keep an eye on her health daily.

“I actually believe Telehealth saved my life because I had really high blood pressure and if it wasn’t picked up I could’ve been in a bit of trouble”.

Telehealth customers Barry and Irene Barry and Irene live in Orange and have been married for 48 years. Their two children live in Perth, along with their four grandchildren – whom they are very fond of.

With Barry being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in addition to having suffered a stroke, the couple recently turned to Telehealth (as part of Barry’s level 3 Home Care Package) to assist with monitoring and recording his vital signs. Irene says, “Having access to a Registered Nurse at the touch of a button is a huge relief to us”.

“I couldn’t recommend Telehealth highly enough. It’s great having peace-of-mind that someone is keeping tabs on your health and knows when to intervene. It’s also great that we can take the system on our trips to Perth (as it’s portable) and still talk to our regular nurse."