Supported Independent Living

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Live each day on your terms

Need support to live independently? We have the skills and experience to assist you with daily living – at home and in the community.

You can receive support with things like personal care, cleaning and cooking up a storm. This isn’t about doing things for you – it’s about doing things with you. And having a great time while doing it!

Your independence and happiness come first

It's your home

Make the house your home. Decorate your room, watch the shows you like, pick your favourite meals and enjoy home-based hobbies.

Do the things you love

Want to have a BBQ? Watch the Friday night football? Learn to cook a new recipe? We’ll make it happen.

Dedicated staff with heart

In Supported Independent Living (SIL), no two days are the same. Our passionate staff go above and beyond to make each day the best it can be.

Stay connected with family and friends

We can help you stay connected with the people you love and maintain meaningful relationships within your community.

Build skills and capacity

From joining a social club to making new friends, we’ll help you build skills for independence with continual support throughout the day.

Homes for high support needs

We understand that you may need a modified home. That’s why we have Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to support people with higher physical support needs.

What does Supported Independent Living look like?

Everyone deserves to live each day on their own terms – to be happy, healthy and independent.

At LiveBetter, we’ll help you make informed decisions so you’re always in control of your support, whether it’s the activities you do, the job you have, or your personal care routine.

Our team will get to know you, personalise your support, and create a warm environment where you feel valued and safe. We strive for consistency and positivity in daily activities, and guide you through steps to achieve your goals.

While each day is different, you’ll benefit from a familiar routine. A typical day with SIL could be:

  • wake up with personal care support
  • make breakfast and lunch
  • go to a centre-based program or your job
  • come home and make dinner
  • relax with your housemates
  • plus getting out and about on the weekends

We help support you in the day to day, to try new things and build capacity so you achieve your individual goals.

It’s a team effort

Our caring and qualified team will collaborate with you, your family and other health professionals – including GPs, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, behaviour practitioners, mental health professionals, occupational therapists and more.

Together we’ll collaborate, providing holistic support so you can enjoy more independence in daily life.

Getting settled in SIL

Moving into a new home is a big change. To help with the transition, we can arrange for you to meet your housemates before moving in. You can visit several times to see what the daily routine is like, join the residents for a BBQ at the park, or even try sleeping over for a night or two.

We’ll work closely with other health professionals to cater for your needs, such as dietary requirements or behaviour support plans.

Ultimately it’s your home, not ours. We want you to feel like you belong. You might like to pick a feature paint colour for your room, decorate your space, hang up your favourite photos, or share a recipe with your housemates!

Looking for the right home?

We know how important it is to find the perfect home. Roxanne Miller, our Accommodation Specialist, is dedicated to helping NDIS participants find a home that meets all their needs.

“I’m passionate about finding the perfect living arrangement for SIL customers. I engage with families, carers, Support Coordinators and my colleagues to provide timely information, while exploring all possible options to meet the customer’s needs and preferences.”
- Roxanne Miller
1800 580 580

How does SIL and SDA funding work?

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are two separate support packages funded by the NDIA.

  • If a customer is funded for SIL, it covers the cost of staffing support.

  • If a customer is funded for SDA, it covers the cost of a physical dwelling – one that is designed to accommodate specialist support needs.

  • To live in a SDA home, you need both SIL and SDA funding.

Keep in mind that SDA funding is not automatically funded when SIL is approved.

Other costs to consider

As a SIL resident, your funding only covers certain living expenses. Some other costs to consider are:
  • Rent/board
  • Utility connection fees and charges
  • Use and maintenance of the allocated house vehicle
  • General living costs such as food, electricity, gas, water, internet and other sundries

  • You will also need to pay for your own personal items, such as clothes, toiletries, medication and recreation and leisure activities.

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