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Are you thinking about moving out of home for the first time? Or perhaps you're in a group home where some things aren't working so well for you?

If you want to live independently or have a housemate, without being in a fully supported living situation, then Individualised Living Options could be the right NDIS support for you.

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What is Individualised Living Options?

There are lots of choices with Individualised Living Options. With our support, you work out where you want to live, who with, what support you need and who you want to provide that support. 

If you want to live in the community with housemates, we’ll work with you to find people you’ll get along with. Or you might want to have a Host arrangement – where you’re living with someone who’s not related to you and who provides disability related supports, including emotional support, and a family environment. 

Once you’ve decided, we help put your mix of supports in place. 

Individualised Living Options is designed to work with other supports you receive from the NDIS, your family, friends or other networks – so you have a sense of home and belonging, can connect with others in your community, and have a safe and supportive lifestyle.

More options, more choices and more flexibility

At LiveBetter, we provide more than just the obvious – we want to help you live your best life.

Our Individualised Living Options support you to become more independent through living in, and being part of, your local community.

This highly personalised approach gives you a wider range of options and more choices than some other types of NDIS support.

Of course, new situations and challenges are bound to come along, but we’ll be there to support you to work out how to deal with them and make any changes you need. If at some stage your home situation is no longer working, we can help you to change the circumstances that are affecting your wellbeing or limiting your personal development.

And as your skills and confidence increase and you build more independence, it’s our job to make sure the supports keep up with your living situation and changing needs.

Funding Individualised Living Options

We provide individualised Living Options to NDIS participants, funded through:

  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life

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