How to apply and plan

NDIS support can help you live life to the fullest. If you'd like to find out how to get NDIS funding but think the process seems confusing, don't worry. We've put together this easy guide, so you know what's involved.

The application process at glance

1. Make sure you're eligible

The first thing to do is make sure you're eligible. There are a few NDIS eligible conditions. These relate to your:
  • age
  • citizenship or residency
  • the level of support you usually need
  • whether you need special equipment
  • whether some supports now could reduce your future needs.

    You can use the NDIS eligibility checklist – it asks you 5 easy questions to confirm if you're eligible.

2. Make an access request

If you're eligible – or your child is eligible – you can apply to join the NDIS.

You'll need to provide information that shows you meet the NDIS criteria. There are 3 ways you can do this:
  • call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 and ask to make a Verbal Access Request
  • fill out the NDIS Access Request Form and email it to
  • contact your closest Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIS office

3. Get your access decision

After checking your NDIS application, the NDIS will write to confirm your eligibility.

Then you'll be contacted to arrange a meeting to create your NDIS plan.

Putting your NDIS plan into action

Prepare for your NDIS planning meeting

Once your eligibility is confirmed, the next step is to prepare for your NDIS planning meeting.

Your NDIS plan is personalised to suit you. It sets out your goals, the help and support you need to achieve them, and your agreed NDIS funding.

Before your planning meeting, it’s a great idea to have a think about your:

  • immediate support needs
  • current goals
  • future goals.

For your goals, think about what you’d like to do and how you might achieve it. For example, you might want to study or get a job, learn new skills or make friends in your community.

At your planning meeting, you’ll discuss your goals and how you are going in different areas of your life. This helps to develop a plan that provides the right support for you.

Your planning meeting will either be with a:

  • planner from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), which runs the NDIS, or
  • Local Area Coordinator from an organisation that partners with the NDIA.

At the end of your planning meeting, they’ll let you know what happens next and when to expect your approved plan.

If you’re interested, the NDIS website has more information about creating your NDIS plan.

Review your plan

Once your plan’s approved, it’s time for you to check it.

Your plan will be online the day after it’s approved. You’ll find it on the NDIS participant portal, called myplace. This is a secure part of the Australian Government’s myGov website where you can access your NDIS information.

You’ll also receive a printed copy of your plan, either in the mail or in person.

Your plan will reflect the things you discussed in your planning meeting. It will include information about:

  • you, your family and friends
  • your goals
  • services and community groups
  • funded support.

Using your plan

Now, you can start using your NDIS funding to pay for your chosen supports and services.

You’ll have some help to understand and use your plan. This is usually provided by:

  • Local Area Coordinator – they’ll show you how to use the myplace portal, and support you to understand and use your plan as well as keeping track of how your plan is going
  • Support Coordinator – if there’s no Local Area Coordinator in your area, or you need more help to coordinate your supports and services, the NDIA may fund a Support Coordinator to help you use your plan, work towards your goals and live more independently
  • Service providers – these are the people and organisations you choose to deliver the support and services in your plan.

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