Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators are expert at helping you understand and put your NDIS plan into action, while supporting you to have as much choice and control over decisions as possible.

We'll help you make the most of your NDIS supports and services

NDIS supports can help you live life to the fullest, with a broad range of services depending on your personal needs and goals.

Our experienced Support Coordinators can help you understand your plan, make the most of your NDIS funding, and find local providers who are best suited to you.

Personalised support to use your NDIS plan

Find and negotiate with providers

At LiveBetter, we know regional towns and which local services, therapies and providers are available.

Have choice and control over your supports

Our approach is to support you to make decisions, while giving you the most choice and control over your life as possible.

Navigate NDIS processes

The NDIS can be hard to navigate – we'll relieve the stress and guide you through to help find your best options.

Prepare for your NDIS plan review

We know what's involved and we'll make sure you are thoroughly prepared for your planning meetings.

Build your ability to become more independent

With our support, you may build up your confidence and skills to manage more of your plan independently.

Connect with people

We can help you connect with people including family, friends and carers to help you achieve your NDIS goals.

Contact us to see how LiveBetter can help

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Local NDIS experts

Everyone receives some help to understand and use their NDIS plan. If you need extra support to put your NDIS plan into action, our Support Coordinators are here for you.

Once you have providers on board and your services have started, our Support Coordinators help you monitor your services and sort out any issues that may come up.

We understand the NDIS and we’re local experts – so we can help you navigate the NDIS and find the supports and services you need to live and enjoy your life.

We understand, and we’re here for you

Experience counts when it comes to helping you make the most of your NDIS plan and funding.

Our team has been providing support coordination since NDIS first rolled out in our regions. We live locally and use our local knowledge to help you find the best options available.

Some of our coordinators have lived experience, so they understand firsthand how tricky it can be to navigate the system.

Because we have a large team, we can find the Support Coordinator for you. Plus it means there’s always other qualified and friendly team members for backup if your coordinator is away.

We make sure your Support Coordinator has the time to give you the personal attention you deserve. This includes working face-to-face with you as far as possible and responding quickly to your needs.

Your support is tailored to your needs and wishes – you’ll be supported to make decisions while having as much choice and control as possible.

We also know the tips and tricks to make the most of your plan, including how to ensure you get the most hours of support possible from your available Support Coordination funding.

Funding Support Coordination

We provide Support Coordination to NDIS participants, funded through:

  • Capacity Building – Support Coordination

We're also happy to talk over other options from Core and Capacity Building if you're not funded for Support Coordination.

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