Three cheers for our aged care workers on Aged Care Employee Day!

"Being a Home Care Worker can be an emotional rollercoaster...I see many different people on a daily basis and every single one of them has a piece of my heart." - Stacey Maugeri; Griffith, NSW
1st August 2022

In recognition of Aged Care Employee Day, we are celebrating all our incredible staff who not only work for LiveBetter, but the Aged Care sector as a whole – from the ever-hardworking Home Care Workers, to the Coordinators, transport drivers, and volunteers, to you, we say a big thank you!

Nationwide, Australia has 360,000 employees working in the sector, looking after 1.3 million ageing Australians, with our Home Care Workers an integral part of the LiveBetter team.

Saying the past couple of years have been a challenge for the Aged Care sector, would be putting it lightly. COVID-19 has created its fair share of struggles and now, more than ever before, Aged Care staff have been responsible for providing essential daily services and connection to our customers; connection to family, friends, social activities, local services and their community.

Throughout the pandemic, as we’ve endured border closures and lockdowns, the bonds between our Home Care Workers and clients deepened even further with many fulfilling the role of substitute family members.

They are some of the only workers left in our society who are still gowning up in full PPE to keep their clients safe. For them, there is no such thing as ‘working from home’.

Day in and day out, they are hitting the road and travelling far and wide to provide high quality care for some of the most vulnerable Australians, in some of the most remote areas of the country.

They are a crucial part of the puzzle when it comes to enhancing the independence and quality of life for our customers. And, doing an outstanding job!

Whether it’s providing essential and domestic assistance or getting our customers onto a community transport bus to head to bingo or a craft group, or running activities at some of our different day based programs, all Aged Care workers deserve the highest level of praise.

On behalf of LiveBetter – to all Aged Care staff across the country, we see you and we appreciate the hard work you do daily. We thank you for all that you do looking after our loved ones.

So let’s take the time to say thank you to anyone who works in Aged Care – we thank you for caring.

Want to find out more about Aged Care Employee Day? Head on over to their website to find out about the different ways you can get involved!

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