Top 5 ways to improve your mental wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is important, here a few ways to boost your overall happiness and health!
16th November 2020

Your mental wellbeing generally relates to your enjoyment of life, the ability to ‘bounce back’ from stress and sadness, fulfilling one’s goals and maintaining relationships. So you may ask in what ways can I start to improve my mental wellbeing? Here at LiveBetter, we have five practices you can adopt to help elevate your mood.

  1. Be Active. Being active doesn’t mean you have to run a 10km marathon – this could be as easy as a small walk around the block or working in the garden.
  2. Engage the mind. Engaging the mind with new ideas and experiences is an important part of your mental wellbeing. To do this you could try completing a sudoku, finishing a puzzle or listening to a new podcast.
  3. Show kindness. Not only can you show kindness to others but yourself as well. Try writing down once a day three things you are grateful for. Performing an act of kindness releases the chemical Oxytocin stimulating the brain which in result makes you feel good.
  4. Take a moment. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean meditate, but if you can it is a great way to rest the mind as our lives can become super busy and stressful and we might not make the time for ourselves. Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as taking a deep breath, having a bath or listening to music.
  5. Build a meaningful relationship. When connecting with people, groups, places and culture it fulfils our constant need for social interaction, it keeps us from feeling disconnected or lonely. We would recommend making time to have lunch with a friend or family member, joining a team or club or giving us a call here at LiveBetter where we have a range of activities that you can get involved in.

It is normal to feel sad or worried sometimes, especially when life becomes a struggle. Sometimes you might need some help to feel better again, we at LiveBetter are here for support and assistance to provide you with the necessary services to allow you to live a better life. Give us a call on 1800 580 580.

Contact us to find out how we can support you or a loved one.

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