The Two of Us: Moira and Petra

A relationship built on trust, routine, and guidance
25th November 2022

As you walk into Moira’s house in downtown Broken Hill, you are immediately met at the door by the warm, smiling face of her Disability Support Worker, Petra.

You can’t help but feel the warmth and admire their strong relationship; a relationship that is built on trust, routine, and guidance.

It didn’t take long for Moira to share her love and appreciation for having Petra in her life.

“Petra is my mentor and cuts to the chase. She tells me how it is and when I’ve got a personal problem, she gives me advice on how to handle it. Petra says ‘Now Moira, calm down…it will be fine’.”

Petra echoes Moira’s comments about the relationship that they share.

“I like spending time with Moira as she is a very gentle woman. Yes, she needs assistance but she is very appreciative of the assistance… I enjoy our relationship because we’ve built such a trusting relationship, and I can challenge her to meet her goals… she trusts me.”

And Moira makes sure that Petra knows how much she means to her.

“I always make Petra things, like greeting cards, so she knows that I appreciate what she does for me.”

Petra’s face lights up when she says,

“I have a mantle full of cards that Moira has made and I love them – I look up at them every day!”

When asked if the two ladies get up to any mischief when they hit the streets of Broken Hill, Moira stops to think for a good second.

“Any mischief? No!” as she laughs it off and then glances over at Petra.

“We like to go places and have fun. We have a fun day doing things together.”

Petra talks about what they get up to with great fondness,

“Moira and I, we talk a lot about things, her thoughts, and fears. I struggle to know that I can’t solve all her problems but I’m there to help her through them, assisting and supporting her along the way.”

Petra says being a Disability Support Worker is all about having an attitude of gratitude.

“I love being a Disability Support Worker. For every negative job, there are ten positive jobs… I go home at night and before I go to bed, I have such an attitude of gratitude.”

“When I first started in this role, I had never done anything like this or thought I was able to do anything like this, but the rewards at the end of the day are so high and the trust you build with your clients make you feel wonderful.”

But Moira sums it up best when she notes,

“I don’t know what I would do without Petra – I’d be lost without her.”

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