The Two of Us: Brendan and Tania

"I look forward to the future each day with no regrets" - Brendan
15th March 2023

On a sunny, autumnal morning in Broken Hill, we sit outside with Brendan; a man who around these parts is seen as a leader and the local fountain of knowledge,

“One of my favourite things to do is come here to LiveBetter and enjoy myself. I like going for drives and going out and socialising with my mates…there is a number of my best mates here, too many names to count!” Brendan laughs.

“I’m well and truly into motorsports, cricket and footy, but I’m also into trains. I’ve got several favourite characters, mainly the Footrock Flats dog, Blinky Bill, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the Care Bears.”

Brendan is also a diehard Adelaide Crows supporter and doesn’t hold back on who his favourite players are,

“One of my favourite players is Tex Walker and my other favourite player is Josh Rachele,” Brendan explains, before noting down in detail the injuries both these players were battling at the time of the interview.

And alongside Brendan, supporting him day in and day out, it Disability Support Worker, Tania, who speaks highly of his knowledge base,

“Brendan is a wealth of knowledge, he’s very good with history and I actually learn a lot from him. There is nothing he doesn’t know and you can ask him any question and he has always got the answer for you,” Tania explains.

And it’s not only Brendan who Tania praises. In fact, she has kind words to say about everyone at LiveBetter,

“Everyone here is so lovely. It’s like being with your family and friends and we all get along so well. And it honestly doesn’t feel like being at work at all. It’s just like going out for coffee with your family and friends… it’s a really nice environment to be a part of.”

“I’ve learnt a lot from everyone here at LiveBetter – the clients have so much compassion and feelings. I really enjoy my job, I love it and it’s a privilege to come to work every day.”

The support, passion and commitment from the team of Disability Support Workers, including Tania, is paramount to customers thriving, enjoying life and achieving their goals.

As Brendan puts it when asked about his hopes and dreams for the future,

“My hopes for the future is for things to keep going the way they are and to keep enjoying myself. I look forward to the future each day with no regrets.”

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