Say hello to Megan Fraser: from school-based trainee to Disability Support Worker

"I watched a movie called 'Fundamentals of Caring' and I kind of thought that's definitely what I want to do and help people achieve their goals."
26th September 2022

Say hello to Megan Fraser: from school-based trainee to Disability Support Worker

Achieving goals. That was a common line from school-based trainee-turned-Disability Support Worker, Megan Fraser.

“I’ve probably spoken about achieving goals a lot!” Megan laughs. But it is clear that she has an unrivalled passion for her work and commitment to her clients.

“Every day as a Disability Support Worker is different. You can be doing one-on-ones, where you are working with a single customer to help them do what they specifically want to do and then there are group activities where it is all set up and you could be doing cooking, craft, morning teas, going to the park.”

Born and raised in Blayney, in Central West New South Wales, Megan is a recent graduate from the School-Based Traineeship program.

“I was a school-based trainee and I did the traineeship throughout Year 11 and 12. This would mean that I would go and work at LiveBetter one day a week, 8:30am-5:30pm with day program or after school care, getting to learn about all the different disabilities,” says Megan.

“I would also be doing TAFE at the same time… so I finished Year 12 with my HSC, on-the-job training and Certificate III in Disability Support.”

Megan reflected on how daunting it was in the beginning, especially when it came to learning about all the different disabilities, but it was the staff who mentored her that made her feel comfortable.

“The support and mentoring from staff was absolutely amazing. Any question I had, I feel like I could go up to them and they could give some great advice along the way.”

Aaron Bateup, Disability Support Leader for Central West NSW, mirrors what Megan mentions, listing the on-the-job mentoring as one of the most important parts of the traineeships program.

“The traineeship program gives trainees, like Megan, the opportunity to work across a variety of different customers in the company of experienced, trained staff. They build their initial skillset, making them highly valuable and respected employees.”

Aaron also lists a willingness to learn and being flexible and adaptable as some key qualities they look for in a trainee, but sings the sector’s praises for people who want to have a career to help others.

“Just go for it, I say! The disability sector is very rewarding as you get to help vulnerable members of our communities’ days that little bit brighter and it’s a great feeling to know that you are assisting others,” Aaron concluded.

But what’s next for Megan?

“At the moment, I’m really enjoying being a Disability Support Worker…at the end of every day, I feel really happy because I’ve helped someone achieve something that they want to do.”

Talk about achieving goals for herself!

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