25th Jun '18

How the NDIS helped Brianna become a Dancing Queen for a night

We all know how good One direction were back in the day. Ok, some may beg to differ however bonafide dancing queen and LiveBetter customer, Brianna, is a particular fan of former member Niall Horan.

It had been Brianna’s dream for some time to go to one of his concerts and as a surprise birthday present she received two tickets to his 2018 Sydney concert.

Brianna asked if a LiveBetter staff member could go to the concert with her. The very lucky Clare Plunkett, Coordinator Disability Services in Bathurst, was thrilled Brianna asked her.

According to Clare, over the last few years Brianna has come along in leaps and bounds with her self advocacy.

“A few years ago, she would never have spoken up and say who she wanted to go with,” said Clare.

The afternoon of the concert the very excited ladies hopped in the car and left Bathurst for the city lights of Sydney for a night of music.

It is safe to say the two of them had a brilliant night.

“Brianna lined up and bought her t-shirt and program by herself and danced and sung all night long!” Clare said.

Brianna was eager to show off her new t-shirt to her friends back in Bathurst – who wouldn’t. Some say Niall goes all right.

“At LiveBetter’s Active Participation Program (Day Program) the next morning Brianna wore her Niall t-shirt and a smile from ear to ear sharing the night and the videos she took with all of her friends,” Clare said.

Brianna wouldn’t have access to a range of supports, nor the opportunities to fulfil her dreams and goals such as attending her favourite singer’s concert just like anyone else, if it wasn’t for the NDIS.

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