Grow Your Knowledge this Women’s Health Week 

Jean Hailes Women's Health Week is an annual awareness campaign that focuses on the health and well-being of women and girls in Australia.  
4th September 2023

This year’s theme, Grow Your Knowledge aims to support women in becoming more informed about their health with information that is easy to understand. To read more about Women’s Health Week and access health resources, visit 

Health can be a complicated topic, especially in regions where healthcare is harder to access. 28% of Australians live in rural and remote areas, these Australians often face challenges accessing health care due to their geographical location and have poorer health outcomes compared to those living in metro locations. Keeping up to date with reliable and up-to-date health information is an important part of managing your health and making sure you make informed medical decisions in your best interest. 

Health Checks

The COVID pandemic has also made it difficult for many women who may have put off necessary health checks. A 2022 survey by Jean Hailes found that 32% of women missed dentist appointments, 18% missed a GP appointment and 8% had missed a breast cancer screening appointment due to the pandemic.  

Regular health checks and screening are the best way to prevent future health issues and can save lives. The frequency of these checks depends on your age, and below is a chart for your reference. You should still consult with a doctor for what checks you should have and when.  

Health Checks For Women

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