Grandparents Day 2023

Celebrating the Special Bond between Generations in Australia
27th October 2023

On the last Sunday of October, people around Australia will be celebrating Grandparents Day. This is an annual tradition recognising the role that grandparents and older people play in our lives and in our communities. Grandparents Day reminds us of the importance of fostering quality relationships between older and younger Australians as we work towards combatting ageism and building a more positive attitude towards ageing.

How we celebrated

It was all smiles at Calare Preschool on Wednesday morning as they celebrated Grandparents Day. Students and their grandparents spent the morning decorating biscuits, colouring paper crowns, and moulding playdough. Students also took this opportunity to show off art folios they have been working on.

“We celebrate Grandparents Day as a way for children to share their sense of belonging in the world they live in.” explains Nicole Sullivan, Director/ Teacher at Calare Preschool “It also gives children the opportunity to show how grateful they are for all the things that our grandparents and special people do for us.”

How will you be celebrating Grandparents Day this year?

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