The Easter Long Weekend isn’t just about the choccies!

Hop to it! We've compiled a list of accessible entertainment options to make your Easter as relaxing as possible!
6th April 2023

The Easter Long Weekend is upon us and no doubt we’re all going to be filling our bellies with plenty of chocolate, waiting for a visit from the Easter Bunny and then running around on Easter egg hunts on Sunday morning.

But what about when we want to put our feet up on the couch, and take in a good book, movie or throw a podcast in our ears?

Well never fear – we have compiled a list of books, movies, television shows and podcasts which are both enjoyable and feature diversity and inclusion at the forefront!

Heartbreak High Reboot on Netflix – TV Series

If you are one of the few who hasn’t watched the reboot of the classic teenage drama, Heartbreak High, we recommend bingeing this one over the long weekend. Not only has it received rave reviews from viewers and critics alike (it’s the #1 Netflix programme in the world), the series also features Quinni, an autistic student who is played by Chloe Hayden, a neurodiverse actor. In an article by the ABC, Chloe was selectively mute for most of her life, but loved the opportunity to portray a genuine representation of autism in the series.

Just Like You, Only a Little More Different – Book

If you’re looking for something to read to the little ones, look no further than Just Like You, Only a Little More Different by Brook Seal. Brook, a farmer from South Australia, created this book when his youngest son, Ziggy, who sustained a brain injury from birth, went off to big school. The book is designed to give his classmates a helping hand with how they can play and talk to Ziggy, letting them know that he is the same, but his brain is just a little bit different.

The book celebrates the themes of accepting people’s differences and would be a great read to share with the kids over the long weekend – if you can get them away from the choccies of course!

Old People’s Home for Teenagers – TV Series

We all know the drill – Old People’s Home in all its forms is a wonderful docuseries to tug on the heartstrings and marvel in the beauty of friendships between young and old.

But have you watched the latest series where the ABC swaps out the four-year-olds for fourteen-year-olds?!

With the pandemic creating significant increases in loneliness between young and old, the series shows the development of relationships and friendships between teenagers and elderly and that human interaction can do great things for one’s mental health. Trust us, have the tissues on hand when stream this one on ABC iView!

Better Date than Never – TV Series

And while we’re on the docuseries route (the ABC has come up with some good ones!), the creators of Love on the Spectrum have created Better Date than Nevera series that follows a diverse group of single love seekers as they take their step into the dating world.

Genuine feelings, interactions, and first date butterflies await with this six-part series. We can guarantee you will have a smile so big on your dial after each and every episode!

Listen Able – Podcast

If you are planning on going for a leisurely walk or run over the long weekend, why not think about putting Listen Able into your ears? This podcast, with hosts Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin speak to people living with disability about their lives and ask them questions you thought were off limits.

With episodes ranging from thirty to forty-five minutes in length, you will easily be able to tackle one when trying to work off the Easter eggs!

Mr A+ – Podcast

But have no fear, another podcast recommendation is here! We all remember Michael Theo from Love on the Spectrum (who could forget his one liners and fabulous suits!) and he has a podcast Mr A+! In his words, he “started this podcast because I wanted to entertain people and bring love and light into people’s lives as well.”

With guests such as Stephen Curry, Brittany Hockley and Claudia Karvan, you will laugh and smile throughout each and every episode.

And while you’re at it, you could check out Michael giving a TED Talk about success at TEDxSydney at Sydney Town Hall – from us Michael, you receive a big A Plus!

So put the kettle on, pour yourself a cuppa, find your spot on the couch and take in one or two of our recommendation. They are all perfectly enjoyed by an Easter egg or two. Or three…

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