The benefits of working with LiveBetter

Working in community services, you work hard to help your clients live better so WE want YOU to LiveBIG!
24th August 2022

The benefits of working with LiveBetter

Working in Community Services, you work hard to help your clients LiveBetter so WE want YOU to LiveBIG!

That’s why we’ve put together an employee benefits package that not only recognises the importance of the work you do but that also rewards you for it and supports your career development goals!

Our benefits program focuses on areas important to you! We want you to maximise your take home pay, retire with all the super you’ve worked hard for, focus on your health and wellbeing and support you with training to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Salary Packaging with Access Pay

Salary packaging is the federal government’s recognition of the work that you do as a community services employee. It’s basically a tax break which means that a portion of your pay is paid to you before it’s taxed. It means you pay less tax and take home more money!

How does it work? 

We partner with an organisation called Access Pay who will sign you up and then pay the salary sacrificed amount a number of ways. It could be paid directly into your mortgage or onto a debit card which works like any other you have. You can use it to pay for bills, groceries, fuel or anything else that makes up your day to day living expenses, just present it at the register and use it like any other card.

How much can I save?

You can nominate to have up to $15,900 per annum paid of your pre tax income put towards general living expenses and up to $2,650 of your pre-tax income paid out for use in meals and entertainment – that includes holiday accommodation! In total, you could take home up to an extra $6,400 every year depending on your starting salary.

It sounds too good to be true – is there a catch?

No – this is an instance where your mum was wrong when she said “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. This is an Australian Tax Office benefit designed to recognise that you are doing essential work in our community and that your pay doesn’t necessarily reflect that. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can call Access Pay direct on 1300 133 697 or visit their website.

HESTA Superannuation

Our industry superfund understands the needs of our workforce and is committed to supporting your superannuation goals, helping you find and combine separate super accounts and maximise your retirement income. They hold regular workshops and information sessions to answer your questions and help you meet your goals.

Fitness Passport

Our partnership with Fitness Passport means for a weekly fee you can access a variety of health and fitness suppliers in your local community. It’s a health and wellness initiative that bundles up memberships to local pools, gyms, yoga studios and many more. Best news is, there’s no cap on use – go to as many places as many times as you like for one small fee. If you have a family, you can take your kids to the pool, do as many yoga sessions as you like, go to the gym and send your partner to their preferred activities too!

Paid Parental Leave

We offer 6 weeks paid leave for full-time and part-time employees and aim to support our primary care giver employees physically, psychologically, economically and socially. Our parental leave is in addition to government parental leave programs.

Purchase Leave Program

We recognise that that Christmas/New Year period is an important time for many people to get away, spend time with family and recharge. So we offer all employees who have been with us for a year the opportunity to purchase up to an extra two weeks of leave over the summer holiday period. You pay for the extra leave over the whole year so it doesn’t have a huge impact on your pay just when you need it most!



ROAR Awards

The ROAR Awards are awarded four times a year and recognise staff who are excelling in their role. Each quarter, five employees are recognised against each of our values: Excellence, Integrity, Cooperation, Empowerment and Respect. Recipients are awarded gift cards via our rewards and recognition program, Motivosity, to the value of $USD200 which means around $AUD290!


Motivosity is our recognition and reward program. Accessed online, each staff member receives $5 per month to award to someone they see doing a great job. You can also just send a message recognising how amazing they are and be recognised yourself!

Refer a friend

We know that the best people know the best people and that’s why we encourage you to refer a friend to come and join our LiveBetter community. If your friend is still working with us after 3 months, we’ll give you $USD50 through Motivosity to say thanks!



Supported Career Progression and Training

Our geographical footprint across regional NSW and QLD means that you don’t have to go to a big city to progress your career! We develop long term partnerships with our staff that build your skills, focus on your career goals and support you meet them. We have a dedicated team of in-house training specialists who can help you identify your goals and help develop pathways to you achieving them – with us and in your chosen community!


BetterBalance is our professional and personal wellbeing portal. It focuses on issues that affect us all and provides access to webinars and resources on issues that affect us all.

Employee Assistance Program

We understand that life presents challenges and we want to support you through them. Our partnership with Converge provides you with free access to counselling and support when you need it. It’s confidential and tailored to meet your needs. For example, if you’re struggling with the cost of living pressures, Converge will put in touch with a financial counsellor to help you manage your budget. Whatever the challenge you’re facing, Converge are there to help you through!

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