Customer Rights & Responsibilities

Customers of LiveBetter have certain rights and responsibilities to assist them in receiving the best possible services.

Rights and responsibilities

As a customer of LiveBetter you have the right to:

  • Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect at all times
  • Have your wishes and choices respected
  • Participate in all planning and decision making which affects you
  • Make your own decisions wherever possible including decisions about medical and treatment interventions
  • Use an advocate or representative of your choice
  • Receive quality services suited to your individual needs
  • Receive services in a professional, competent and culturally respectful manner
  • Enjoy a safe environment when receiving services at a LiveBetter location
  • Receive regular reviews of your identified needs and modifications to your Care Plan as required
  • Be provided with information about services, options, service plans, fees and charges
  • Be assisted to understand any information given by staff
  • Privacy and confidentiality of, and access to, all your personal information
  • Freedom from abuse and discrimination
  • Make a complaint and expect that it will be investigated and resolved fairly and quickly and without retribution

As a customer of LiveBetter you have a responsibility to:

  • Respect the rights of workers and treat them with courtesy
  • Advise us immediately if you are unable to meet with us or attend a scheduled appointment as arranged
  • Let staff know if you do not understand anything about the service, your rights and responsibilities or any fees and charges
  • Ensure a safe environment for staff (in your own home)
  • Refrain from smoking near staff or indoors when staff are working
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