A Christmas That Wasn’t Always Possible

"When I first started to work at this household as a Disability Support Worker, I would not have envisaged such a photo to take place."
21st December 2020

This festive season bought with it a heartwarming story that will put a smile on your face. We’ll let Sophie, one of our talented Disability Support Leader, tell it in her own words:

Sophie “When I first started to work at this household as a DSW, I would not have envisaged such a photo to take place. Those who live in the household had moved together last year and presented with actively complex behavioural needs in line with their disability diagnosis. We are ending the year with a substantial decrease in behaviours of concern, all NDIS plan goals met (for the three gentlemen under NDIS), whilst being in a workplace where it is safe to speculate staff and client satisfaction is well met. Perhaps the cultural mixture has provided a unique insight into the non-verbal communication cues of those who live in the house?”

“Three different staff members approached me asking if a staff Christmas party could be hosted at the workplace; all suggesting that it is important to involve those who live at our work. The party was a success! There was a showcase of multicultural food shared amongst us all, a secret Santa among the staff and Christmas themed games. For the first time in my experience in the household, all 4 gentlemen, with profound behavioural diagnosis, were seated in the lounge room contently engaging with staff.”

“I share this photo showcasing the diversity and warmth within from staff and our Christmas tree that is still standing and hasn’t been progressively pulled apart like previous years.”

Thank you for sharing your story Sophie!

Staff and clients all together at a Christmas Party

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