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We’re excited to announce the launch of LiveBetter Academy
25th August 2023

After months of preparation, Wednesday, July 26 saw the official launch of the LiveBetter Academy. The aim of the LiveBetter Academy is to provide our staff with the training they need to continue doing the work they do, and the Academy’s inaugural three-day training session, Better Leaders, was a testament to the hard work of LiveBetter’s Learning and Development team.

 “Australians need better aged and disability care and having trained, and competent staff is crucial to this,”  said Jacquie Millynn, LiveBetter’s Head of Workforce Development. “LiveBetter Academy will ensure our current and future workforce have the knowledge and capabilities they need to undertake their current role and be supported with the development opportunities that will progress their career.”

At LiveBetter we want our staff to feel assured that they have the training they need to do their best work every day – and the training they will receive through the LiveBetter Academy has been designed to do just that!

During its first 12 months, the LiveBetter Academy will deliver a range of programs designed to provide both our people managers and our front-line staff with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to undertake the important work they do, including:

  • Better Leaders

This three-day management training will provide our people managers with the skills they need to effectively manage staff and lead teams.

  • Better Beginnings

This three-day program commences in Orange in September and will provide our new frontline employees with the knowledge and skills to confidently undertake the requirements of their roles.

  • Better Buddies

This program will provide those staff who are undertaking buddy roles with the skills and knowledge to effectively provide on-the-job training to new employees.

The LiveBetter Academy will not only produce well-trained staff who feel confident in what they do. We hope it will also offer our staff the support and development they need as they progress in their careers with LiveBetter.

“I think that education is the most powerful tool that we can have as an organisation,” said LiveBetter Board’s President, Dr Peter Mangles at the Academy’s launch. “And that tool will lead to not only improving the people in our business but the community and the sector. We all know that the single most important thing that came out of both the Aged Care and the Disability Royal Commissions was the lack of education and training of staff.”

This is an exciting time for LiveBetter. The LiveBetter Academy will offer our staff the opportunity to develop their skills and grow in confidence. And this is just the first step toward an expanded offering of training and professional development initiatives. We look forward to exploring opportunities to partner with universities, other colleges, and other organisations as we begin our journey towards becoming a Registered Training Organisation.

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