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Carer Gateway

Carer Gateway

Australia’s 2.7 million unpaid carers now have access to greater supports with the introduction of the Carer Gateway support service.

Anyone can be a carer. You may be supporting a family member or friend who has a disability, chronic illness, mental illness or is ageing.​

Whatever your circumstance, Carer Gateway is here to support you and the person you care for.

(Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm)


Services available through the Carer Gateway:
  • NDIS National Community Connectors Program (NCCP): Help for ageing parents or carers of people with disability.
  • Phone counselling: If you're feeling stressed, anxious, sad or frustrated, a professional counsellor can talk with you and offer help.
  • Respite: If you need to take a break, respite care services can look after the person you care for (including in an emergency).
  • Financial help: Caring can be costly. We can assist you in navigating financial support services.
  • Online services: Self-guided Coaching, Skills Courses and an Online Carer Forum. Visit to find out more.
  • Navigating local services: Help with navigating the NDIS for people with a disability and My Aged Care for the elderly.
  • Day to day supports: Advice on studying or working while caring, transport assistance and help at home.
  • Planning ahead: Assistance with planning for emergencies and the future.

LiveBetter is your first port of call for Carer Gateway services if you live in:
  • South Eastern NSW
  • Western NSW
  • Murrumbidgee

We will work with our service delivery partners - The Benevolent Society in the Illawarra and South Coast region, and Mission Australia in the Capital region, Southern Highlands, Alpine region and parts of the south coast, to deliver support to carers in those areas.

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