Kicking in the right direction

LiveBetter customer living his Taekwondo dream!
31st July 2023

Congratulations go to LiveBetter customer Darcy Megaw who recently completed Taekwondo grading for his Yellow belt (green tip).

For the uninitiated, Taekwondo (also known as Tae Kwon Do) is a dynamic martial art which originated in Korea and involves acrobatic kicks and graceful punches – quite a challenge for a person with one arm!

Darcy had taken lessons in Taekwondo some years ago and was keen to begin again, but finding a club close to where he lived on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast wasn’t easy.

Darcy had almost given up on the idea when his support worker, Scott Maclean, learned of a club which had recently opened in Yeppoon. Darcy’s Support Coordinator was able to show him how he could use his NDIS package to fund the classes and purchase a uniform, and before long Darcy was attending classes twice a week.

Darcy loves going to Taekwondo! It is a sport which supports the development of a strong body and a focused mind. With Taekwondo Darcy can test his boundaries, achieve the goals he sets for himself, and perhaps most importantly, be part of a team.

“I am thrilled to be doing Taekwondo again!” he said. “It’s helping me to deal better with my feelings of frustration. I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday as I can be part of a team, and I help other students learn Taekwondo too!”

We’re so proud that the team at LiveBetter were able to support Darcy to achieve his goal. The next belt for Darcy to work towards is Orange – but knowing Darcy, he’ll be a Black Belt before too long!

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