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Jean Kane's passion for painting gives her life purpose.
1st February 2024

“When you have something to look forward to, it gives you a reason for getting up each day.”

Last year we met LiveBetter customer, and artist, Jean Kane. The former school teacher has been painting for over 40 years, and what began as a hobby has over the years become a full-time passion.

Jean, who primarily uses acrylic paints, says her works are inspired by local people and local scenery. Her search for inspiration has taken her to Alice Springs, Cape Leveque, and Cape York, and yielded some amazing results including the painting series ‘Boys from the Bush’, depicting outback stockmen in unfamiliar situations. This series evolved family paintings of the same genre, and Jean completed many commissions in this genre for local families.

For Jean, painting is “relaxing, rewarding and addictive”. Unfortunately, due to her essential tremor, painting is becoming more of a challenge for Jean.

Essential tremor is a neurological disorder which causes involuntary shaking or trembling of particular parts of the body, usually the head and hands. The condition tends to be progressive, getting worse over time and with advancing age. Although Jean now finds herself unable to create works featuring the fine details for which she was known,  with the help of a specially constructed easel, and the support of LiveBetter, Jean has been able to continue with her passion.

“Infirmity is not a barrier. I have had brain surgery, a DBS implant, and a haemorrhagic stroke. My tremor on some days makes it difficult to paint or do anything. So, I wait for the good days.”

Jean, who is an inspiration to those who know her, can’t speak highly enough of the team at LiveBetter, Gladstone.

“I feel privileged to be cared for by Lisa and her team. They are a joy to deal with, and I could not dedicate the time to painting that I do, without their support.

Jean continues to have her work exhibited and believes that her passion for painting gives her a sense of connection and purpose.

“The pleasure and sense of achievement make trying to paint more than worthwhile. I would encourage anyone who does not have a “passion” to try painting. When you have something to look forward to it gives you a reason for getting up each day.”

At LiveBetter we’re proud to be able to support Jean to live her best life, a life where there is connection, purpose, and joy. To find out how LiveBetter can support you call us on 1800 580 580. 

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