This page is to let you know a bit more about LiveBetter - who we are, what we do and what we believe in.

About LiveBetter

Our Story

Our journey started decades ago in country towns across NSW and Queensland. Towns like Orange, Emu Park, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Nyngan, Monto and Lithgow, where socially active residents or determined parents started small community services to support locals in need or family members.

Three decades (a few name changes and several mergers) later our services span over a hundred regional communities across Eastern Australia.

We’ve seen a lot of changes to our industry in the intervening years. Exciting, positive
changes. Now we find ourselves operating in a new age of empowerment defined by customer choice and preference - and we couldn’t be happier about it.
Because at the core of our organisation lies the understanding that everyone’s needs are unique.

It’s why we place our customers’ individual needs at the centre of our work, designing
programs and plans specifically for them, working with them to help them live
freely. They may be dealing with physical or mental health issues, seeking greater
independence or a helping hand.

Whether they are wanting to be more active in the community or take a few days rest from the stresses of caring, we’re here to help them achieve it.

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Our Purpose

We inspire possibility by giving people access to support in their chosen community

Our reason for being isn’t about us. It’s about the people we serve. We don’t assume we know best, because everyone’s needs and aspirations are unique. We listen to our customers and work in consultation and collaboration to deliver services that suit their specific needs.

Our promise to our customers

It's your life, we just help make it better

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It’s our customers lives and their future so they should be in control of the important decisions about their support. Our local, personalised approach ensures that they are.

We do this by listening first, discovering what they aspire to achieve and then doing our best to make it happen. Sometimes it takes something big. Sometimes it’s the small things that count. Either way, we get that it’s not about us. It’s about them and their unique journey.

Our services

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More than 1600 caring and qualified local staff and volunteers in over 50 locations deliver these services to individuals and communities.


How do we help people live better lives?


By working together to deliver things our customers care about.


"If there is a change let me know. It's my live that's impacted."


"I don't want to have to repeat my story over and over. I feel comfortable working with the staff I know."


"Staff should be trained and provide professional quality services (no matter what the service is)."

Our values...

LiveBetter’s values guide the way we conduct ourselves. This includes how we interact with our customers, community and business partners and how we treat each other.

LiveBetter’s values are:


we live out our values, are honest and ethical in all our dealings
and are accountable for our actions.


we value the individual. We recognise the rights and choices of
the customer, employees and the community. We encourage
teamwork and support diversity within the team.


we strive to identify and create value from partnerships and
alliances with other organisations, agencies, businesses,
communities and within our own organisation.




we believe that individuals and communities should be
encouraged and supported to realise their full potential.


we strive for excellence and best practice in all that we do as
individuals, teams and as an organisation.

Working together for our customers

It takes a team effort to make lives better

At LiveBetter we are committed to working with individuals and families, through good communication and collaborative effort to ensure the best possible outcomes for those we serve.

1. Listen first

Listen to the unique needs of each and every
customer, carefully and with compassion.
Ask what would help make their life better
and let service planners know.

2. Make it happen

Take the initiative rather than assuming the
process will just happen. Follow-up to ensure
that services arranged and delivered as per
the customer’s wishes.

3. Be inclusive

Understand that you are part of a network.
Include customers in community, family and
supports in service delivery, and work mates
in creating innovative solutions.

4. Encourage feedback

Regularly review customers’ opinions on
their care. Positive and negative feedback
can both shape our opportunities to deliver
maximum customer satisfaction.

Thank you for considering a career in the Aged & Disability sector.

Without caring and dedicated people to join our team, we couldn't deliver on our promise to make people's lives better.