21st May '18

Give a little, change a lot – National Volunteer Week

Did you know that an estimated total of 932 million hours was volunteered in Australia during 2016?

National Volunteer Week 2018 is upon us and we are super excited to celebrate! At LiveBetter we have incredible people who enjoy donating their time to assist their community in many ways…

We had a chat to a couple of LiveBetter volunteers from around Regional NSW and asked them what they love about volunteering.

Graeme Redman is an active member in the Albury community. Graeme volunteers his time to the LiveBetter Social Support Groups; reading the newspaper, preparing cups of tea and attends as a guest speaker covering a range of topics to the participants of the group. Graeme has been volunteering for 12 years (since he retired) and also donates his time to the Albury Wodonga Wanderers group (a walking group for the elderly) and is on the WHS committee. Graeme and his wife Joan both volunteer at LiveBetter and find it a way to socialise, stay active and to be able to give back to their community.

Ross Graham has seen LiveBetter’s history unfold over the last 15 years as a Volunteer Community Transport Driver in Dubbo. Ross saw a LiveBetter volunteer advertisement in the local paper all those years ago and thought it would be worthwhile to take up an activity that made a difference to people lives.

Both Graeme and Ross shared their stories about what they personally get out of donating their time and why they consistently share their retirement years giving back to the community.

Graeme’s standout story from his years of volunteering at LiveBetter is teaching an older group of participants how to paint.

“The group commented they only had three colours to paint with. I taught them how to mix the three primary colours to create other colours and their faces lit up,” said Graeme.

Ross also shared that he enjoys becoming well acquainted with the local community.

“Having a 103-year-old mother, I have a lot of empathy and compassion for older people trying to get around. I understand how difficult it can be and how much they appreciate the help. I enjoy being a part of their daily activities and assisting them to get to where they need to go safely,” said Ross.

LiveBetter Volunteers are determined to make any amount of difference –  you too can be a part of the volunteering community at LiveBetter just like Graeme and Ross.

LiveBetter’s Jodie Hayes says, “LiveBetter Volunteers are an invaluable part of our organisation and provide friendly and professional support to our customers. They bring a special energy and have such a positive impact on people’s lives. We are very grateful for the great work they do in the community.”

For more information about volunteering opportunities and what it takes to become a volunteer at LiveBetter, please call us on 1800 580 580 to speak to our LiveBetter Volunteer Coordinator. We would love to hear from you!

Read more about National Volunteers Week here: https://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/