16th Sep '21

Gardening for the Mind and Body

It has been a long winter and for many a stressful time, but spring is finally here with a touch of warmth and sunlight. Rain is still coming in patches so what better time to get started on that forgotten land called the garden or start that garden idea that you’ve always put on the back burner. For our long-lived generation gardening is a great way to reduce stress, anger, sadness, blood pressure and muscle tension and more.     

So, let's dive into the tips that’ll make gardening fun, easy and safe for you.

It’s always hard to get back into the swing of things or start something new, so what better place to start than the basics of self-care when gardening.

Basic self-care when gardening tips:

  • Wear appropriated gear for gardening. For example, a hat, gardening gloves, protective eye gear and lightweight, breathable clothing that cover your arms and legs are best when gardening.  
  • Have a little warm-up before starting. Stretching before gardening will warm up your muscles and joints, reducing the likelihood of pulling a muscle and tightness in the muscles from getting worse.
  • Attend to any cuts, bruises, or insect bits immediately.
  • Have lots of tea breaks in between work, try to keep hydrated and not over-fatigue yourself.
  • Make sure you're applying sunscreen.
  • Store your tools safely and in an accessible place.   

Tips for making gardening easier for yourself:

  • To reduce back strain, move your potted plants to an elevated area. For example a shelf, table or plant stand - or turn your garden beds into raised garden beds.
  • Have a stool close by or something to rest on that is easy to move around with you and lightweight.
  • Use tools with a spongier grip.
  • Reducee trip and fall hazards around your gardening areas.

Tips to reduce cost:

  • Grow plants from seeds.
  • Recycle items around the house to grow plants in. For example, use egg cartons to germination your seeds and then you can pop them straight into the ground as egg cartons are biodegradable. Or use old jars you have laying around, decorate them and plant succulents or low maintenance plants that don’t need repotting.
  • Pop some vegetables or herbs in your garden.
  • Chose plants depending on the amount of time and care you can give.

These are just a few things you can do to make gardening fun, easy and safe. So, get out there and reclaim your garden from the slumber of winter or just start your journey of gardening. From outdoor gardening to indoor pot plants, get in the swing of spring for the health of your mind and body.

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