COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout


Letter to customers (06/05/21)

To our Customers and Families,

In my last letter I reflected on how lucky we have been in Australia to have kept the COVID-19 virus relatively contained, while being mindful that some of our customers, staff and volunteers have been touched by ongoing health complications or death of family and friends.
In this letter I would like to focus on the Australian Government’s vaccination program highlighting the important changes in advice regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine and how that impacts the roll out plan.

The latest advice is that the AstraZeneca vaccine is now available to all people aged 50 or over through GP led Respiratory Clinics and state and territory clinics.

The AstraZeneca vaccine will also be available to all people aged 50 or over through General Practices (those which are administering the vaccine) from Monday 17 May 2021.

The Pfizer vaccine is the recommended vaccine for people under 50 years of age. We await government advice regarding its availability and roll out.
To keep up to date with information about the vaccines, their effectiveness, side effects, benefits, risks, roll out phases and the priority groups, please use this link

The Government have advised that disability accommodation residents and their frontline support workers remain a priority group for the Pfizer vaccine. We don’t have further details, but we will contact you when we know when those vaccines will be delivered.

We will keep this website updated with information about COVID-19 as it impacts our customers and would like to direct you again to the primary source of government information about COVID-19 and this vaccination roll out phase.

We will continue to support you to keep safe, well and informed during this critical vaccination roll out.

Kind Regards

Natalie Forsyth-Stock



Download PDF version of this letter (139 KB)