COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout Information for Staff

All Staff Communication - 12/05/2021

Hi Everyone,

Here is a summary of the latest Australian Government advice regarding the planned roll-out of the COVID-19 Vaccination program.

An open letter to customers has been posted on our website. Please direct your customers to the home page of our website and click on “COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout Information”. A copy of the letter is also attached for distribution to customers where convenient to do so.

Changes to the Vaccination program impacting staff and customers:

  • the AstraZeneca vaccine will be prioritised for people aged 50 years and over, and
  • the Pfizer vaccine will be prioritised for people under 50 years of age.

People 50 years and over can access AstraZeneca vaccinations via GP-led Respiratory Clinics and state and territory clinics. From 17 May 2021 they will be able to make appointments for the AstraZeneca vaccine at participating General Practices. This applies to our staff and customers who are 50 years or over and can access these clinics and practices.

Residents aged 50 years and over, together with their support workers, can get the AstraZeneca vaccination at General Practices and the GP-led Respiratory clinics, if they are able to.

The Pfizer vaccine is the recommended vaccine for people under 50 years of age. We await government advice regarding its availability and roll out.

COVID-19 vaccines are voluntary. You can obtain detailed information about the vaccines, their effectiveness, side effects, risks, duty of care and the roll-out of the vaccination program by accessing and from the LiveBetter website

Thank you all for the work you are doing to keep our customers and staff safe.

Natalie Forsyth-Stock

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