Coronavirus Information for Staff

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COVID-19 Protocols (updated 08/01/21)

To help reduce the potential for COVID-19 transmission, we intend to initiate further hygiene and social distancing measures at work.

In the workplace

  • All NSW staff must wear a surgical mask (not a cloth mask) when working with customers indoors (this includes in homes, vehicles, shopping centres and LiveBetter sites).
  • Complete a temperature check before commencing a shift.
  • Continue to follow hand hygiene practices and social distancing.
  • Follow infection control procedures when handling food and ensuring proper cleaning of equipment and surfaces.
  • Ensure all visitors have their temperatures checked and visitor declaration forms are completed at all our locations. We will no longer permit any visitors that have visited a hot spot location listed on the NSW Health website.
  • Staff are not permitted to work if they have been in any of the latest COVID-19 locations in NSW at the times and dates listed.
  • Any staff member who has been in the Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands and Logan local government areas since January 2nd is to self-isolate immediately and have a COVID-19 test.

If you have any questions call the Nurse On-Call number on 0488 248 379 for advice.

Disability Accommodation

NSW Health has released new requirements for visiting Disability Accommodation facilities. From 30/12/20:

  • Visitors from Greater Sydney are not permitted in any of our accommodation settings, unless they are providing essential caring functions. This replaces the previous advice permitting 2 visitors per day.
  • There are no restrictions on visitors from regional locations visiting our accommodation settings.

As a reminder, masks must be worn by all frontline staff in NSW in indoor settings. Any staff that have been in any of the locations listed on the NSW Health website are to be excluded. This includes staff who have visited locations:

  • On the 'self-isolate and get tested immediately list', at the times and dates listed
  • On the 'monitor for symptoms list', at the times and dates listed except where noted otherwise on the web page

As always, if you have any questions about the application of these rules please call the Nurse On-Call number on 0488 248 379 for advice.

If you are sick

  • Stay at home if you are experiencing flu like symptoms
  • If you develop flu like symptoms at work, self-isolate immediately and go home
  • If a family member has flu like symptoms with possible or confirmed contact with the coronavirus, stay home.

Meetings and travel

  • Avoid meetings as much as possible and find alternative solutions such as videoconferencing
  • Talk with your supervisor about the risks before undertaking travel for work purposes.