Senior Management

Senior Management

Our Senior Management Team has diverse and extensive experience in the community, government and private sectors. Bringing a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields including child & family, disability, and aged services, as well as in finance, human resources, quality and clinical services and marketing. The team effects the belief that diversity of experience helps provide the best leadership and ultimately best practice delivery of services to those who need assistance


Tony Pierce

Executive General Manager, Finance

Chris Rawlins

Executive General Manager, Strategy & Technology

Nerissa Marat

Executive General Manager, People & Culture

Adam Phillips

Executive General Manager, Quality, Governance & Risk

Senior Managers

Janis Redford

Executive General Manager, Operations

Nigel Greer

Head of Services, Disability NSW North

Ryan Quarmby

Head of Services, Disability NSW South

Helen Miller

Head of Services, Aged & Communities NSW

Joanne Paringatai

Head of Services, QLD

Marc Bonney

Head of Marketing Services

Dr Gregory Dresser

Head of Development & Research

Briette Parish

Head of Business Services

Bob Rogers

Legal Counsel