29th Sep '17

Top Tips to make the most of your NDIS Plan. Tip #3: Recharge your batteries with respite

Top Tips to Make the Most of your NDIS Package

Tip # 3: recharge your batteries with respite

Amongst the most admirable Australians are those that tirelessly care for others. Making sure the ones they care for have the best life they can give them.

But can anyone do this “tirelessly”?

Can we really expect those who give so much to never get weary? That they never need a break? Is that sustainable?

To stay strong, carers need to take time out for themselves; to make sure they look after their own well-being; to recharge their batteries.

Perhaps it is up to those of us who know a carer to check in and ensure they are getting some time out.

It is important that NDIS packages for people with disabilities includes respite so their carers stay strong.

To find out more about respite options under NDIS, as well as other carer supports such as those from the Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre, call LiveBetter on 1800 580 580 and ask about Disability respite.