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13th Apr '18

A little change goes a long way with Home Modifications

It’s not unusual to want to change a few things around your house. You may want to change the colour of a wall because you don’t like it anymore or extend a room so there’s more space for entertaining. For the Cullen family it was about having a bathroom that was safer and easier to use for now and for the future.

Meet Gary and Lorraine. This humble couple have faced several health issues over the years. Gary suffers from an illness which causes him a decline in his strength, agility and mobility. He was having extreme difficulty accessing the bathroom for personal care, especially since he had to step into a bath to shower and in his current condition it was quite a high injury risk.

LiveBetter’s Home Modifications and Maintenance service team completed a bathroom renovation which allows Gary to safely attend to his personal care. The new and improved bathroom also offers support for Gary and Lorraine and any carers who may need to be involved in the future.

Gary is over the moon with his new bathroom.

“There are no words to describe how much this has changed my life,” said Gary.

The modification included removing the existing bath tub and installing a hobless, flat floor shower recess with grab rails placed as prescribed by Mr Cullen’s Occupational Therapist. The therapist also recommended redesigning the bathroom layout to make access easier for example relocating the toilet to another wall to allow more circulation space and installing grab rails beside the toilet for easier use.

“With my health situation it’s made a big difference with the bath being removed,” said Gary.

The Home Modification’s team included the Cullen’s in decisions where possible for example with tiles and pain colour selection etc, within the constraints of the clinical requirements assessed by the Occupational Therapist.

Since the bathroom renovation Gary has found a new sense of independence and although he still requires assistance from his wife, he is now able to go to the bathroom to independently shower without his wife helping him step over the bath.

“Now I have railings to assist me, which means I have more independence,” Gary explained.

It is extremely heartening to see that a bathroom renovation has not only improved the functionality of the space for the Cullens, but has also improved the quality of Gary’s health, life and wellbeing.

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