9th Nov '17

Diane Wade is one Happy HIPPY parent!

Imagine it’s your child’s first day of kindergarten and you are a bundle of nerves for how your little person will cope!

Now imagine how you would feel if you knew the extent of your child’s abilities, knowing they could write their own name, count to 100 and could read! Is that possible you may be thinking? … It is for the parents who enroll their children in HIPPY!

You may have heard of preschool but have you heard of HIPPY? … I didn’t think so!

HIPPY is a terrific two-year home interaction program for parents and youngsters suited for children pre-kindergarten age and delivered in Orange NSW by LiveBetter Community Services. The Brotherhood of St Laurence holds the licence to operate HIPPY in Australia.

The LiveBetter Child & Family program aims to mentor parents in educating their children as well as understanding their child’s unique learning style in an appealing and interactive way.

HIPPY is not only about teaching children educational skills, it is about enriching the lives of the parents. Developing the way they approach learning with their youngsters and the way they include them in daily activities.

If you need further convincing here’s Diane story. Diane and her eldest son Benji are current participants within the program. Diane heard about HIPPY through going to playgroup and met Sally Thomas who is the HIPPY Coordinator at LiveBetter.

“HIPPY has changed mine and my children’s life’s, I would recommend this program to any parent, it has seriously changed the way I have approached learning with my children!” said Diane.

Diane thought by joining HIPPY it would assist her in understanding how to make learning fun for her children.

“Before HIPPY, it was impossible to get my son to sit down and try to learn as he found it too boring,” Diane said.

Since partaking in the HIPPY program, Diane has noticed significant acceleration in her eldest son’s development.

“I felt comfortable sending him off to Kindy because I knew his abilities. He could already read, write, count and spell his name. He has also recently received a distinction award at school – I am so very proud of him.”

HIPPY has had some unexpected benefits. Diane has expanded her friendship circle and has found being a part of different playgroups has been very beneficial for her and her children.

“I have a few friends that live in the community and we let each other know what events and meet ups are on. One of the most rewardable aspects of programs like HIPPY are the community connections that are created and nurtured.”

“HIPPY has taught me the best ways to approach my sons learning. This program has equipped me with strategies and activities that creates a fun learning environment for my kids. As a parent that is so invaluable,” said Diane.

The program has been so successful for Benji that she will be enrolling her youngest son Cory Jnr (pictured with Diane) as soon as he is old enough.

To find out more information about how LiveBetter can help your child get school ready please call us on 1800 052 222.