16th Mar '18

Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre funding for carers extended

On the 5th March 2018, the Department of Social Services announced that it will be offering funded carer service providers an extension of their current arrangements from 1 July, 2018. We at LiveBetter are delighted that funding has been extended and the well-being of carers will continue to be looked after.

This means that services including the Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres can continue to provide short-term planned and emergency respite care, information and support for carers during the period of transition to the new Integrated Carer Support Service. To find out more about the ‘New Services for Carers’, visit www.dss.gov.au/disability-and-carers/carers/new-services-for-carers.

The Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre (CCRC) provides respite and support for carers in Central and Far West NSW, who are caring for a family member or friend who has a disability, chronic illness, mental illness or frailty related to ageing. Carers can be any age from a young person at school supporting a parent or sibling, to an older person supporting their spouse or an older child living at home. Becoming a carer can happen at any time and sometimes happens following an accident, illness or because loved ones are getting older.

The CCRC can provide information and support and arrange respite care so that carers can have a break from their caring role. The Centre has funds to purchase short-term and emergency respite for eligible carers so that they can have time out if they are unwell, if they need to attend to appointments or want to catch up with family or friends, or if they just need some time to themselves.

To make a referral for assistance at any time please phone 1800 052 222 (Mon – Fri 09:00am to 5:00pm) or email respite@livebetter.org.au.

Emergency respite may be available out of office hours by calling 1800 052 222